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About Markets Express

 Camilla Keesee, the founder of the company began researching the service in 2003.  Thoughts of a delivery services for places that do not deliver came from her own need to have last minutes items delivered.  As a working, single mother of three it became apparent that other people may be in the same predicament.  After speaking to several individuals with and without children it was apparent that this was a void in Cincinnati that needed to be filled.

Not only was this services needed in Cincinnati, but it was far from new or strange to larger cities that also had similar services available.  Markets Express wanted to add a little of the big city flavor to a steadily growing Cincinnati, so here we are.

It was also imperative that our place in the community includes contributing to the well being of the community. We make every attempt to hire youth from under-privileged neighborhood/households, so they can enter life on their own with at least some knowledge of what it means to work, make money and buy things. 

Markets Express derives from a mother trying to make it on her own and we encourage other single parents to join our work force in making deliveries and dispatching phone orders.   In an attempt to keep the young parents working we offer babysitter services.  Parents have the option to bring their children into our location, where a  daycare setting is available for a child to learn, play, rest and refuel. There is also a designated sitter available during work hours.

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